Delfi Program

The Delfi program is a development line of CubeSats at the Delft University of Technology, to provide hands-on education and training of students as well as technology demonstration for Dutch space industry and research and development on the nano-satellite spacecraft bus. The program started in November 2004.

Delfi Program Objectives

The mission definition for each satellite within the Delfi Program can be split into three general objectives:

Education: To provide students optimal preparation for careers in space industry. This preparation includes improvement of team-skills, scientific writing and communication skills by making papers and attending at conferences and hands-on experience with all aspects of the development of a spacecraft.

Technology Demonstration objective: To perform demonstration, experimentation and (pre-)qualification of small innovative space technology emerging from Dutch space industry and research institutions.

Nanosatellite Bus Development: To advance the nano-satellite platform with the aim to enable novel applications with clusters of nanosatellites which are not yet feasible in terms of technology and/or cost-effectiveness with the current  space technology.

To be able to meet these requirements with as much continuity as feasibly possible, it is decided that TU Delft will develop and launch a nano-satellite on a regular interval. 

Delfi Satellites

  • Delfi-C³; launched on 28 April 2008 and a full mission success.
  • Delfi-n3Xt; expected to be launched in November 2013.
  • DelFFi; expected to be launched in April 2015.

Missions after Delfi-n3Xt have not been defined, but TU Delft is working on a few advanced concepts such as radio astronomy and earth observation with CubeSats which are candidate for technology demonstration missions.