Delfi-C3 Project

Delfi-C3Delfi-C3  is the first university-class satellite and also the first nano-satellite from the Netherlands. In 2004, at the Delft University of Technology, students supported by staff members initiated this project with the following objectives. It was launched on 28 April 2008 from India. Delfi-C3 is a full mission success and is still operational! 

The mission objectives of Delfi-C3

1. Hands-on education & training of students on a real spacecraft project.
2. Demonstration of four arrays of Thin Film Solar Cells (TFSC) from Dutch Space.
3. Demonstration of two Autonomous Wireless Sun Sensors (AWSS) from TNO.
4. A Radio Amateur Platform (RAP) from TU Delft, comprising a linear transponder.
5. Development of a modular nanosatellite spacecraft bus and a distributed ground segment. 


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Launch of Delfi-C3 on PSLV

 launch of Delfi-C3 onboard the PSLV-C9 launch from India (©ISRO)